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Our Flagship Product 

The Kadabra™ Music Workstation


Kadabra Uno by IMI

Elevate Your Musical Experience

Step into the future of music with the Kadabra Uno by IMI – our flagship product designed for the musicians of the digital age. This innovative instrument aligns with our vision to unlock the musician in everyone, ensuring every individual can explore the boundless realm of musical expression.

Play Up to 16 Virtual Instruments Simultaneously

Unleash your creativity with the Kadabra Uno, capable of playing up to 16 virtual instruments simultaneously. This powerful feature opens the doors to a rich and diverse musical experience, allowing you to express yourself in ways you've never imagined.

Accessible and Engaging

Starting to play the Kadabra is as intuitive as playing a game, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their musical background. As you delve deeper, the Kadabra Uno continues to unfold, offering endless possibilities for personal expression, innovation, and exploration beyond traditional music making.

Join the Revolution

Become a part of a global community of forward-thinking musicians, creators, and innovators. 

Embark on an unparalleled musical adventure with the Kadabra Uno by IMI – where innovation meets tradition, and every note resonates with the future of music.

Our Vision - why!


Our Vision at IMI is to unlock the musician in everyone. We aspire to fill the world with more music, breaking down barriers and making musical expression accessible and exhilarating for all. By pioneering innovative and exceptional musical instruments, we empower individuals to explore, create, and connect through the universal language of music.

Our Mission- what!

At IMI, our mission is to forge a new era in musical exploration by building a fresh breed of musical instruments and pioneering unprecedented musical experiences. We design and provide a diverse suite of innovative offerings:

  • Cutting-edge Hardware Instruments

  • Versatile Software Instruments

  • A Content Cloud & Collaborative Community

These integrated solutions blend harmoniously, delivering a sublime and empowering user experience, enabling individuals worldwide to explore, experience, and unleash their unique musical expression. We are dedicated to making the world of music more accessible and enjoyable, ensuring everyone can experience the profound joy and boundless creativity that music offers.

By continuously pushing the boundaries of musical innovation, we at IMI aim to enhance the musical journey for all individuals, regardless of their background or skill level. Our commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and musical passion propels us to cultivate and nurture a global community where the transformative power of music is celebrated, shared, and amplified.


Our Plan- how!

  • The Kadabra Music Workstation is already here! It's made by Tribal Tools as hand crafted woodwork masterpieces. Each Kadabra is rare and unique, carrying a premium price tag!

  • IMI is working in collaboration with Tribal Tools to manufacture Kadabras industrially, reaching a lower price point and achieving mass production.

  • IMI will enhance user experience and satisfaction, providing a dedicated cloud, content and community full of opportunity for creators and consumers alike!


We Are- who?

  • Tribal Tools' - Tul Ben Ari is the one and only inventor and development leader of the Kadabra. Tul has been developing the Kadabra for over 12 years and is the genius behind all of the breakthroughs in the design of the Kadabra hardware and OS software. IMI manufactures Kadabras under exclusive license from Tribal Tools.              

  • Amir Vinci - CEO of IMI. 
    Amir is an accomplished manager, with 20 years of experience as the head of products for Waves Audio, managing 100’s of products and achieving technical grammy. Additionally Amir is coaching and teaching agile software dev in Israel’s IT industry and is a teacher of Music-Tech @ Rimon School of Music. 

  • May Lavie - Artist In Residence. 
    May is an electronic music player, producer and performer. Her music is available on Spotify, featuring beautifully crafted dance beats infused with inspiring humanitarian ideas. May is our voice of the user, and helps us develop features as she integrates the Kadabra into her creations. 


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